How to Make Carrot Jam at Home | Homemade Carrot Jam Recipe

Homemade Carrot Jam Recipe
Preparation & Cooking Time: 25 - 30 mins
Yield : One cup
Ingredients :

Method :

1. Add enough water to cover the carrot pieces and pressure cook it for 2 whistles.

2. Switch off the flame and wait until the pressure go off. Remove the cooked carrots from the cooker and let cool. 

3. Drain the excess water and grind into a smooth pulp.

4. Combine the pureed carrots and sugar in a heavy bottomed pan and cook until a thick consistency. 

5. Stir occasionally to prevent scorching. 

6. The jam should be thick and easily spreadable. 

7. When it's done, add the lemon juice and mix very well. Switch off the flame and let it cool completely.  

8. Store in a sterilized jar in the refrigerator.

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